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  Planed- and prefabricated parts...

Also for the production of planed- and prefabricated parts we have manifold possibilities: from glueing, fabrication of countering- and longitudunal fold profiles, millings as well as priming up to manufacturing ready for despatch. With us you receive all services from one hand.

In our internal tool department we repair tools - that‘s how we can keep our short reaction times for urgent orders.

At customer‘s request we despatch „just in time“.

Air-conditioned production and storage halls guarantee an optimum humidity of the wood during all production procedures. We supply in zero-error-quality and do our utmost to run our order handling smoothly, that you will finally „almost forget“ that you cooperate with a supplier.

1. Surface of table trim primed with lacquer intermediate grinding (BELOW)
2. Frame quarter with longitudinal- and coutering profile (BELOW RIGHT)
3. Glued plates (ABOVE 1. PICTURE)
4. Perfect fitting accuracy (ABOVE 2. PICTURE)
5. Table edge band (ABOVE 3. PICTURE)
6. Borders (ABOVE 4. PICTURE)

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