Karl Nied GmbH - Hardwood boules & sawn timber

We stand for sustainability

Hardwood boules & sawn timber

High-quality logs from the best plantations are what make our hearts skip a beat. It is clear that the wood that goes through our hands receives the care it deserves.

  • We buy from the places where each species grows best. Only in this way can we guarantee our unusually high-quality standards in our boules. As the best regions where our wood grows are distributed across Europe, we have this rule: as close as possible, as far as necessary. 
  • We have an unusually tight “sorting range”: a clear guideline offering security for our partners.
  • Oak boules are a classic speciality at Nied.
  • Individualised wood care is writ large with us. Each type of wood has its own natural properties that need to be considered in air drying and storage. Here too, we accept no compromises. Our wood receives the care it deserves.

Steaming & drying:

Alongside the quality of the logs themselves, steaming and drying are an important factor in producing satisfactory logs of even colouration.

We ensure high quality thanks to our modern, computer-controlled drying plant consisting of eight air intake and outlet systems and three vacuum chambers. The perfect drying results they achieve will stand up to any comparison – while extremely high flexibility is also assured. Our steaming trenches are used to achieve our special “light beech” and “lightly steamed beech” colour tones, amongst others, on the request of our customers.

Another thing where sustainability is concerned:

All the heat we need, and some of the electricity, is generated in our in-house cogeneration plant using natural leftover wood, which is completely carbon-neutral – more about sustainability.

Boules, sawn timber and drying