Karl Nied GmbH - Rough-planed timber cut to size

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Rough-planed timber cut to size

“Zero errors” is our quality standard.

Wood, a living, growing raw material, shows its history in natural features such as grain and knots. This is what makes it interesting. We can bring this out or conceal it – whatever our customers desire.

  • By using boards selected only from choice logs of even colouration and grain, we achieve a consistent structure and appearance in our cut-to-size timber.
  • Manual sorting after rough planing, supported by a computer-controlled cross-cut saw, ensures outstanding colour fidelity, allowing the “true appearance” of the wood to be brought out.
  • With very short lead times, we are flexible and job-oriented in our production of your timber from dried flitches. We are happy to provide packaging suitable to your production processes. And when you reorder, we are also able to guarantee unchanging colouration and structure.
  • We also produce cut-to-size shaped and moulded timber.

Examples of cut-to-size timber: