Karl Nied GmbH - For prospective apprentices

We stand for sustainability

Creating a sustainable and attractive end product from a sustainable and attractive raw material, one that plays a big role in climate protection: this is what drives us; this is what we live for. Professional and passionate. Every day.

We are looking for talented woodworkers who want more than just a job Wood is on trend, and its outstandingly small carbon footprint makes it the number one material of the future.

Apprentice wood processing mechanic

As a wood processing mechanic you won’t just be sawing boards – rather, you will have oversight of the entire process from tree to furniture component.

Here, technical understanding and a feeling for this outstanding raw material are needed. Unlike artificial materials like steel and plastic, wood is living and unique. No tree trunk is quite like any other. This makes processing them demanding but interesting.

Apprentice woodworking mechanic

You will turn boards of the most varied woods into furniture components, steps and floorboards. Operating the cutting machines, planes and CNC processing centre will also be part of your job, as will quality control and proper gluing.

As wood is very individual, with no one board quite like another, specialist knowledge and creativity are needed to ensure the end product is visually appealing and of high quality.