About us

Wood lovers live the life. We love our wood – and do something with it.

Every day, our employees create new products using this sustainable raw material, one which perfectly fits the needs of our customers.

This is only possible thanks to our highly competent and experienced team of specialists, every single member of which is driven every day to find new ways to make the attractiveness of our customers’ and partners’ wooden products visible. Because every company rests on individual people, good partnerships and collaboration are also vital for us.

In the 90 years of our company history, we have therefore developed convictions and values that shape our activity to this day:

We believe...

... in personal contact

Even in an age of rapid communications like email and messenger services, we believe that human contact is important. Some things are just easier to work out face-to-face – we do business with humans, not machines.

Every potential customer is visited by us in person in order to get to know the special characteristics and desires of their company.

... in appreciation in corporate cultures and transparent communications

It goes without saying that we promote a fair and appreciative sense of togetherness among our staff, as well as in interactions with customers and suppliers.

We are convinced that honesty and authenticity will bring us forward, not hold us back.

... in taking the long view

Having wood as our raw material gives us patience and helps us think long-term.

Trees take decades or even centuries to grow, and some cut timber takes a lot of time to be ready for sale. We take it as our example and define our company goals with a regard to long-term effects and outcomes. This ensures reliability and predictability for our customers and suppliers.

However, in order and transaction processes we work at high speed – it's a promise!

... in wood as a protector of the climate

We love nature, especially woodlands – and not only because wood is our daily bread.

Visiting a wood is good for the body and soul; the forest ecosystem is a vital part of our planet and promotes our welfare and safety.

You can find out here why we are also sure that, in certain circumstances, it is right to fell trees and turn them into furniture and other products.

Our company premises over the ages