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Apprentice wood processing mechanic

As a wood processing mechanic you won’t just be sawing boards – rather, you will have oversight of the entire process from tree to furniture component.

Here, technical understanding and a feeling for this outstanding raw material are needed. Unlike artificial materials like steel and plastic, wood is living and unique. No tree trunk is quite like any other. This makes processing them demanding but interesting.

Wood offers long-term CO2 storage and is thus an essential part of climate protection. As a wood processing mechanic, you not only have an attractive job, but also a task that is very important for our future!

You are in the right place with us if you

  • have good GCSEs or A-levels.
  • have a passion for wood.
  • are interested in machines and technology.
  • want to learn and are motivated to work with us to get the very best out of wood.

What you can expect from us:

  • remuneration for your training set far above the average for the sector.
  • As well as working in the sawmill, you will take part in furniture production. Here, you will learn how our flitches are turned into solid wooden products such as furniture components, stairs and floorboards.
  • free work clothing
  • colleagues who are enthusiastic about their work and from whom you can learn
  • The daily smell of fresh wood and an attractive end product that is at the front and centre of climate protection.

If interested, or if you want further information, get in touch by telephone at +49 6294 345 (ask for Michael Nied) or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The website https://holztalente.de also contains plenty of interesting information about jobs in the wood industry. It’s worth a visit.

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